Review of The Wicked Library Episodes 710 & 711

March 3, 2017


The Wicked Library is so much like Tales from the Crypt it gives me goose bumps. The Wicked Librarian, voiced by the creator of the podcast Nelson W. Pyles, uses phrases like, "hello kiddies," and, "boys and ghouls," behind which a sinister organ plays unnerving chords. I felt transported to days of old when Saturday brought that comically horrific, if a bit cheesy, Crypt Keeper to millions of people.

Production music used in The Wicked Library is top-notch, seemingly custom made for the show. Sound effects within each story add to the overall feel, drawing the listener in. 

Talented voice actors morphed into the characters and made the stories come alive.


Episode 710: Southern Fried Horror, is read only by ladies, in honor of Women in Horror Month. Narration by Samantha Pleasant LeBas. Both tales are by Eden Royce. The first: Hand of Glory, is about a detective with a little something up her sleeve to make criminals talk. The second: Homegoing, is the story of a woman going to great lengths for a son she knows is a killer. Both were creepy with surprising twists.

To close, there’s an interview with author Eden Royce talking about her craft.


Episode 711: Five Deathly Tales includes five tales with narration by Daniel Foytik, producer of The Wicked Library, and Cynthia Lowman. First: One Hour, by Dene Bebbington, where we witness a man's final hour after being bitten by a zombie. Second: A Lament from the Dying, by Keith McDuffee, is about a man recounting every time he's died in life, but the last time is the hardest. Third: The Heart of a Madman, by Gwendolyn Kiste, is of a Frankenstein-like man who waits for his love to visit once a year. Fourth: Playground Zero, by Jessica McHugh is a tale of children playing in a post-apocalyptic world as though nothing has happened, until they stop playing... Fifth: Last Steps, by Kelli Perkins, where a space explorer is the last of her crew to die out in the universe.

Each had its own voice and worked to entertain as well as send shivers up my spine.


The surprise interview at the end with the Wicked Librarian is hilarious.

As an added bonus, you can support the podcast through Patreon and score extra goodies. The more you support, the more you get.


Overall, this is another great addition to a horror podcast collection. Set it up on iTunes, or Google Play and enjoy.


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