Review of Pseudopod Episodes 528 (Aaron Fox-Lerner) and 529 (Mary Wilkins-Freeman)

February 23, 2017


Called "Pretty damn awesome" By Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation fame, Pseudopod features free, narrated tales each week delivered to your favorite podcatcher, either iTunes or Google Play Music, or any of the other various podcasting apps of choice.

As a bonus, if you choose to support with a tip you gain access to exclusive content not available to free listeners.

I listened to episodes 528 and 529 and came away impressed with the quality of the production.


Episode 528: Unsent Letter from An Unnamed Student by Aaron Fox-lerner, read by Kenny Kinlund, is the story of a young man who had an affair with his teacher. A situations where the past keeps coming back to haunt.

The pace was quick and enthralling, kept me wanting to know what happened next with the antagonist and his deadly relationship.


Episode 529: Luella Miller, by Mary Wilkins-Freeman, read by Julie Hoverson, is a classic story of a human leach, sucking the life from everyone around her who cares enough to help the "delicate flower." Lydia Anderson (the main character narrator) explains how Luella does this, witnessing all the death that comes in Miller's wake.

I was sucked into the world, as though having a cup of coffee with Lydia and going over all the gossip about Luella latest.

The voice narrator changes between narration and character pretty well, adding to the ease of understanding the tale.


Owned and hosted by Alasdair Stuart, Pseudopod gets right to the point, explaining who wrote the story that week with a little history. At completion, the main narrator gives a quick finishing quip to tie things up.

The low background music adds to the atmospheric creepiness and this format gives me a throwback feel to Tales of the Crypt. The production is great.

Pseudopod is a convenient way to add more reading to a busy lifestyle, or just augment the amount of horror being read.


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