Review of Greener Pastures by Michael Wehunt

February 21, 2017


 Typically when reviewing collections and anthologies, I jump, almost immediately, to the stories I like. This helps to push my headspace away from stories I didn’t like, or hated. Michael Wehunt’s Greener Pastures is causing me to buck my typical collective review.

There is not a bad story within these pages. Then again, that’s not quite right either, there is not an ok story within these pages. Not one. There are one or two good ones and a string of greats ones. This collection is incredible.

No matter the story, or the tone, or the characters, or the scenery, everything here feels as if it belongs to the other. There is a vibe that this writing carries, something weighty and valuable in its originality and delivery. There is an aura around the stories, something like the reassuring glow from an open-late sign on the pharmacy when your head's falling apart. Nearly every story is as great as the last and the prior to that. This collection is something to behold along every line presented, from bleeding mountains, to physical transformations, from angels raining down, to the devils within, not a word is wasted nor is there anything that drags or feels unnecessary. Greener Pastures is a collection that will pick you up and carry you away, remove you from time and space. I am awed by this collection. 


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