Stiff, Sick and Vile Things Box Set edited by Cheryl Mullenax & Randy Chandler

February 17, 2017


Before jumping in, I would like to issue a disclaimer. This box set lives up to its name with each story. The reader rolls into insanity and trudges further into all out repulsion that delves deeper into the pits of Hell.

There were times I had to look away and take a breath, and I'm not just saying that. The scenes are akin to that taboo video from the late 70s, Faces of Death.

Just shy of 700 pages, featuring 42 stories, you'll be cringing into the night with this collective. These shorts are on the long side... but that's just more to love.

There are tales with gore and gristle, fiction with evil, zombie animals, and literature that take splatter porn to a whole new level.

Some standouts are Again by Ramsey Campbell: a man comes across a haunted Bungalow on a path of overgrown, dense nature. Sepsis by Graham Masterton: a symbol of love morbidly takes on a new horrific meaning. Going Green by Stefan Pearson: experiments on a zombie mother-in-law as a means for electricity go very wrong. Rat King by Jeffrey Thomas: an SS soldier tells of his experience with a British officer and where the human condition takes a wrong turn on a horrid course. The Caterpillar by Dennis Moore: a little girl abandoned by her parents turns out to be a lot more trouble than her uncle thought she would be. Modern Celebrity by Brandon Ford: two lovers have a live internet porn show with strangers who have no idea what they're in for. 

Some of the writers are young to the game, and some are veterans, all confidently displaying their craft in sick and twisted prose.

If you're looking for some cringe-worthy fiction, this box set is for you.


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