Review of Gallery of Curiosities Episodes 35 & 36

February 14, 2017


Shorts read aloud have been springing onto my radar over the last few years. Enough that it can be difficult to wade through those that do it because they have a microphone, while others do it because they have a passion for creating entertaining productions. Gallery of Curiosities was a surprise in all the right ways.

To begin, the narrator is a great change, a subdued chamber master with a snarling wit and a smooth manner. Prior to each story, this narrator offers a snarling witticism without breaching any cheese factor, something that can and does happen in the world of podcasts.

Wreck on the Highway by Jake Walters

Grim and sombre, the story follows a downtrodden man home from a job he’d just lost where he comes across a flipped automobile. Inside the vehicle is a man with a request on his dying breaths. The story quickly detours to a magic wish book, something akin to the monkey’s paw. Though a tad jerky at what seemed a word count restraint enforced by the author, the finale slips forward with a sense of horrific knowing on the part of the main character, and ends with a sinister vibe like an uncovered snake.

River and Sea by Nathan Susnik

Quite short, this story is somewhat cryptic narrative of a clockwork deckhand longing for the a different time. Quite intriguing and very entertaining.

Pet Shop by Gary Buller

There’s a certain intended goofiness about this short horror. A man steps into a pet shop and finds himself in the back gazing upon cryptid creatures. It’s a somewhat predictable in how things will go for the main character, but not exactly the means. It was a bit of fun and a bit of Tales from the Crypt-esque horror.

As to the music. All three of these stories featured perfect scores, absolutely befitting that captured all the right vibes, top of the crowd on that point. The narration for the two stories in Episode 35 were both good, better than average. The narration of Pet Shop was excellent, some of the best I’d heard and better than some big publisher productions.

Gallery of Curiosities is professional grade production and in the case of these three stories, offers quality entertainment in a nice tight timeframe.  

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