Review of The Time Eater by Aaron J. French

February 13, 2017


In what appears to be a straightforward, otherworldly clash against the earthen plane, duel with a demon, a sprinkle of magic here, a dose of Eastern medicine there, a man assists a friend on his deathbed. The entire cast of this story has ex-spouses, the men have mommy issues, the women have sexual issues, on differing levels. It seems redundant, even a little annoying at times. Repeated characters happen and typically, the best you can hope for is to move on mentally and get through the story without too many blips.The story seems to slid oddly sideways at times and the metaphysical plane becomes a vast world of easy answers and objectives, like the above mentioned issue, the typical best hope is to read it and move on, hope it works itself out.


This is not the typical and once the great and vast Time Eater (the demon, not the book itself) reveals its true nature, all ends meet and the grand finale is something to behold. The lose and screwy bits become pieces to a puzzle you hadn't realized you were collecting. Really, quite intriguing and fantastically twisted.

Though there a few clunks and bumps along the way, this story is surprising, endearing, and entertaining tale of possession, psychoanalysis, and great big troubles lurking right at home. Fantastic fun with a real come from behind victory conclusion.



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