Review of Eternal Darkness by Tom Deady

February 10, 2017


Immediately, this thing rolls out a familiar sense, something akin to Salem’s Lot meets Summer of Night, in sense of story and characters anyway. Things shift and bend away from either of comparable storylines, but a vibe lingers. Small town America rich in its outward wholesomeness and deep in its under layers of grime...

There’s a new family in town at the old Brewster place and they’re shady, they’re loners, they’re downright weird. There’s no real mystery to the monstrosity, it’s obvious and forthright from the beginning. There is a bit of a twist, a humanity shown in the head vampire that balances his ying with his yang. Though not fully.

A band of local boys observe and discover as the story progresses, picking up strangers –two adults and a six-year-old that possess two powers: psychic connection and the cognitive and communicative skills of an adult, at times far too big, mentally, for her britches. 

Here and there, blips and clunks pop up along the way with this one, but overall the action and story move at such a raucous and ravenous pace it’s possible to overlook them.

The small town feel is dead on in this classic coming-of-age versus the vampire tale. Teeth out, blood dripping, a fun read.


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