Review of The Final Reconciliation by Todd Keisling

February 6, 2017


Though I’m not much of a rock fan and to me most metal sounds like enraged infants clanging on pots and pans, I enjoyed this story about a metal band bridging worlds and destinies. It was easy to follow and easy to slip into. It is a cosmic, or perhaps eternal, Lovecraftian horror told in the style of Interview with the Vampire, 30 years after tragedy struck a rocker and his band.

The story is told in the glare of hindsight, the if-I-only-acted-differently notion appears, and often. It's a point of reeling and set-up for later, though at times it pushed the point beyond need. However that is a single blip, this novella is quick and by two-thirds of the way through, none of view from hindsight really matters and the pace really creeps forward as the band readies for a final show.

The finale was definitely the story’s strongest portion. It’s loud, gruesome, bloody, and supernatural, much fun to be had from this one, fan or no fan of rock music. The post climax kick was an extra slice of horror.

Bonus points for Vincent (Vinz, perhaps?) Clortho, even if it was coincidence.


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