Review of Monstrumführer by Edward M. Erdelac

January 24, 2017

In the classic sense of pulp adventure Monstrumfuhrer has bit bangs, big action and big leaps in probability. The story opens on Jewish brothers hiding in an attic above a Polish bookstore as the Third Reich pushes along, collecting and caging people for termination. At Auschwitz, the hero and his brother meet a wide-eyed and conniving Dr. Mengele.
After a lengthy layout and explanation of life at camp, it comes to light that knowledge of Frankenstein’s monster is more common than suspected. Mengele has plans to build an army…
Chaos and murder, Auschwitz loses its hold on a revenge-focussed surviving brother and he heads north to the last known location of Frankenstein’s monster who turns out to be an animated, nihilist Chatty Cathy doll. Charming and brimming with you-had-it-coming Nazi philosophy while conversing with his Jewish travel buddy.
There is definitely some high-octane action and some suspenseful qualities, though spread over lengthy stretches of dialogue and plodding. There were also a few blips here and there, but Monstrumfuhrer is highly readable with plenty of Nazi squashing at the hands of heavy-duty monstrosity.


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