Review of A Southern Evening by Jonathan Janz

January 23, 2017


A Note:

Catching up on my personal magazine subscriptions, I only now read the July issue of Lamplight Magazine that features a nasty novelette by author Jonathan Janz. This guy plagues my catch-up-with-your-reading-damn-you list and the other day a friendly birdy told me I have another Jonathan Janz book to read coming up.

The above is a moan about time, not the author, obviously. I'm not a huge fan of reviewing entire magazines as they have more than fiction working within, but in this issue there were a couple longer stories. I wrote a small review on one of these stories because it was a hell of a fun story. 

Onto the mini-review.

A Southern Evening rolls out on rumbling grounds as a construction crew with a ruthless developer destroying a home and a life in the name of progress. It’s a pure comeuppance tale that engulfs with thick suspense and a narrow track that meanders not an inch.

Somewhat predictable, though not wholly, this story is an entertaining escape for a short blip of reading time. This tale alone is worth admission to Lamplight Volume 4, Issue 4.

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