Review of The Frighteners by Stephen Laws

January 19, 2017


Bountiful and in-depth, The Frighteners reads like there’s a movie reel spinning in the background à la Michael Bay meets Ridley Scott. Big and loud, bric-a-brac, debris, everyday objects, automobiles, and the neighborhood itself is not out of reach from the psychic touch of the thing inside Eddie.

The beginning eases into the story with a thorough and involved explanation of a forced hand failing to deliver without trouble and the mafia retribution that follows. In prison, character groundwork carry Eddie and Rennie through attempted mob as aided by an unsuspected psychic touch.

From there, the story really jerks onto a new path as Eddie demands revenge, but is it really Eddie doing all the demanding? Conglomerated bits of whatever’s available crash mob related dealings and shops, spreads uncanny chaos and terror, breaking down a criminal empire one brick at a time…

Another jerk pulls the train from its rails and sets course for bigger and bad-der things.

Though this story does dwell and meander at times, the machinery of the action if enormous and loud, suspenseful and heavy. It takes a while to get into, but once going it’s most lightning strikes and carnage.


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