Review of Dead Over Heels by Theresa Braun

January 13, 2017


It takes a pretty good writer to convey an entire story in a short format, and Theresa Braun is one of those writers. Despite the 38-page count in the Kindle version of the book, Braun is able to convey a funny and cute love story that turns into a blood soaked story of ghosts, revenge, and heartbreak. Veronica is a single woman who has turned to witchcraft to help her find “the one”, and is only a little skeptical when Reiki-master Sebastian comes into her life in an instant message. Things become complicated for the couple – who have fallen for each other in a “love at first sight” deal – when they see a ghost couple on their first date.           

It is hard not to spoil a story of this length, but I certainly did not see the ending coming. Braun does a good job with the first-person narrative from Veronica’s perspective in that it holds the reader’s attention and makes the twists all the more authentic as we – as readers – are just as surprised as Veronica is. Sebastian is a sweet soul, but I do wish there was a little bit more of his interactions with Veronica included in the story, as I would have liked to see more of how he behaves and what holds the two of them together after they are shaken by the ghosts on their first date. Even a touch more of Veronica’s Wiccan side would have been nice. But, at the end of the story, I still liked the characters, I enjoyed the writing, and the twisty ending was fantastic.           

If short stories and novellas are your thing, considering checking out Dead Over Heels. It is certainly a fun supernatural story of thrills and chills.


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