Review of Blue Demon by David Bernstein

January 7, 2017


Blue Demon opens to a man looking to reward his son’s positive turnaround at school. It’s a bit dull and mundane. The man is an everyday kind of fella and is on the hunt for a rare toy, he nostalgic, he’s loving, he’s a little boring, and… Hey now! And by design are we jarred from the simple calm instill by David Bernstein. Things roll out and begin on a similar path, slowing and drawing the reader in and then bam!

Ho! Get on the good foot-ah, the good foot!

Blue Demon is a straight comeuppance tale of fun and surprises. It’s fast, evenly paced with strong characters, and thick suspense. As far as sitting down and looking to drive a cemetery smirk, or rather a Sinister Grin, onto your yap in just a couple hours of reading, Blue Demon is a good place to go. Thoroughly readable and highly enjoyable.

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