Review of Mania by Lucas Mangum

December 22, 2016


Steeped in dread and dripping in lore, there is a screenplay and there is a woman, dun-dun-duuuh. A curse brings along smiles and scoffs until people quit the production, meet accidents, meet Death herself.

For the vast differences in horror readers, an author has a fairly versatile bag of tools within his/her disposal to entertain any piece of this mass. In this case, Lucas Mangum deals, somewhat befittingly, in primarily the traits used by B-horror and slasher flicks: gore, filth and knee-jerk chills.

This story is short, paced well, rarely dipping once it gets going, and although it lacks in some avenues of character strengths –pounding at foreshadowing rather than expanding and building. This doesn’t kill the story and it certainly keeps a breakneck pace going forward. The atmosphere and storyline –fairly predictable set to this quick pace keep this tail aerodynamic and an entertaining punch.

Mania by Lucas Mangum is a lightning horror that packs a visual punch.

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