Review of Monsters & Gods: Snake Eyes by Hillary Monahan

December 21, 2016

Gods and Monsters Snake Eyes by Hillary Monahan is the story of Tanis, a bad-ass half-human/half-snake with two male appendages. If you like Neil Gaiman, with a light sprinkle of Harry Potter (there are certain parts, you'll see what I mean when you read), then this book is for you.

Tanis' kind, the humanoids, are the outcasts, not like the True Daughters of the

Lamia. She and her sisters exist only to serve their mother, mixing in with humans to serve from the outside, bringing her mates to continue the Lamia bloodline. But when one of Lamia's best True Daughter runs off with her guard, Tanis is tasked with bringing them back, only to come across the two remaining Gorgon sisters of Medusa who want revenge on the Lamia community. What's worse is now Tanis's own mother is out to get her for not bringing her beloved True Daughter back.

The narration and dialogue are tight and I liked the colloquial use of words and terms – made me feel inside the head of the main character, closer to her, without the writer having to use too many interior sentences. I felt, at times, that I was watching an AMC TV series.

Fast writing keeps you interested along with a medley of characters who are colorful and well thought out, with a surprise ending thrown in.


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