Review of Home Birth by Jessica McHugh

December 14, 2016


Ursula K. LeGuin is a master of changed planes, of inter-universal visitation, and of the various species and societies therein/on. She draws vivid characters with real pain, love, anger and beliefs.

Home Birth by Jessica McHugh is an Ursula K. dipped in radioactive Jim Beam. 

This is a bold and surprising tale with great depth and emotion. It is thrilling and fast. It opens on Earth, but the cast is far from earthly. There are homesick shapeshifting creatures, racist, self-centric humans and of course, there are monstrous super-dicks that see the Earth and its inhabitants something to squash.

However, it’s not simple as all that. There’s a full story behind the action and fantasy. There’s mystery and palpable heart. Complex characters before full-bodied backdrop. The idea itself feels utterly original, never would I suspect what was coming prior to reading.

A Kaiju tale where the monsters are secondary to the story and its cast, a Kaiju tale absolutely worth the short time it takes to read and then some.

Very well done.

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