Review of Infestation: Bud McCracken and the War Against the Bugmen by Richard J. O'Brien

November 29, 2016


In Weyrd County, where folks seem equally divided between conspiracy nuts and the morally corrupt, an alien ship has landed, releasing new, jumbo-sized vermin onto, or rather into the landscape. Bud McCracken, exterminator, takes on a task handed to him only to find out that the complainant is none other than a childhood terrorist, his fifth grade teacher. And terrorist she is, to an outlandish level, stopping just short of student murderer.

Being a Sinister Grin release, one dives into a story knowing that quite possibly the rip-roaring ideas, the wacky characters and the ridiculous eventualities will overshadow all else. With Infestation: Bud McCracken and the War against the Bugmen, this is the case for the brunt of the story.

Trudging into B-categories can be tricky without visual aids. Richard J. O’Brien appears to have recognized this and added all the sex and goofy-gore of the small screen into print. The battle scenario with the aliens is secondary, distantly so, to the walking situation that is Bud McCracken. The county is kooky and Bud-centric for this tale. An unlikely chubster with an attitude, a sideways lucky streak and strong sense of duty. 

Mostly, this worked well; from otherworldly bugs, to a supernaturally tough spinster, to a pair of loud, immigrant pimps Infestation crawls enjoyable corn-dom.


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