Review of Greeting from Moon Hill by Anthony J. Rapino

November 25, 2016


In the town of Moon Hill things are not right, they are far from normal or regular and still, all too forgettable. The memory loss has to do with rocks, or pumpkins, or fireflies or possibly it’s a bit of everything.

Greetings from Moon Hill is a vast and sprawling collection that occurs mostly within the limits of a wacky town. Think of stuff like old Robert Bloch tales, Harlan Ellison yarns, whoppers that inspired programs like The Outer Limits and Tales from the Darkside. In a couple of the less intriguing tales, the level of Moon Hill zaniness seemed an afterthought, somewhat unbefitting in tone and activity to the others. Since there are about 30 stories in this thing, a couple duds isn’t likely to spoil the pumpkin patch. As with any collection, there were some stories more enjoyable than others, however they’d be difficult to distinguish from beginning to end as characters, locations and happenstance intertwine and fog the memory.

This collection is fun, through and through. It’s wildly imaginative. Anthony J. Rapino managed to build a palpable sense of familiarity with a few of the characters which panned nicely throughout the progression. Invoking mini-nostalgia.

At its best moments, Greetings from Moon Hill packs a vivid show of shock, oddity and suspense. There’s entertainment to be had amid these pages. Notably, it is most rewarding discovering just what’s in the beer, what those kids are doing on the hillside and what’s clogging those pipes.


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