Review of The Nightly Disease by Max Booth III

November 1, 2016


The Nightly Disease is nothing short of a hoot, a hoot I say… Wait.

Note to self: it is wise to restrain enthusiasm in order to reserve a modicum of professionality. 

Isaac is a night auditor at a hotel, he’s luckless and bumbles into something too big for him to handle, well until the owls aid his growth. Full-bodied characters parade the lobby armed, sickly and demanding, the poor night auditor does what those in service for minimal wages do best, grabbing towels, plunging cans, jerking off in semi-private all the while the world is coming down around him. The mounting absurdity snowballs into a winged cavalcade of carnage and action.

To put things simply, this is a perfect example of what a comedic dark speculative fiction ought to strive towards when eyes seek a masterpiece of dark oddity for comparison. It’s loud and quick, it’s mysterious and grim. There’s a heroic crack in this nihilist’s skull where light and hope shines through bringing with it the weight of the universe. Just enough hapless hope to drive a man insane.

I cackled idiotically numerous times. Uproarious is probably the suitable descriptor, and unabashedly so. The Nightly Disease is a barn dance in a leper colony, everybody’s cursed and nobody wants to admit their futility, so they keep on do-si-do-ing until the birdies come to pick at the mess.

Engaging and mysterious, with tones not so different from Palahniuk's Fight Club and equally entertaining. The Nightly Disease is a paragon of this sub-genre and a bare glimpse into the service industry caste standing before the self-righteous credit card bearers of the world. 

A must read.


Note: This was released over the month, but I waited and binged (read as I normally read a book) and for this story alone, I do not regret my DarkFuse premium subscription, not at all.


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