Review of Dream Woods by Patrick Lacey

October 30, 2016


Much more than haunted, Patrick Lacey’s Dream Woods pins the fun and fluffy on a board and spins it toward chaotic terror. This story has a wide swatch of themes and tones mashed together, many juvenile in hue, with violence and four-letter language.

Nostalgia and disillusionment fuel the parents of twin boys. Marital tension and ill-considered efforts at repair put the family at the gates of Dream Woods, an amusement park dearest daddy-o loved as a lad before it shut down mysteriously –or not so mysteriously. Rumination and reflection are major tools as nobody is happy and all ponder the reasons, seeking answers within. These are doors opening to The Director and his efforts.

Dream Woods is quick and hosts a comical edge with the juxtaposition of a fluffy mascot being something of a terror. The theme park itself is somewhat ancillary to the story, it’s more of location to house monsters than something monstrous itself, mostly, besides the oiling, of course.

Fast and furious, the end final third of the story comes at you with scaly-skinned monstrosities and candy demons. Like a real theme park, assumedly, folks take to vomiting and often. Unlike a real theme park, assumedly, creatures reveal themselves and stack bodies comparatively akin to ye olde gravediggers immune to the bubonic plague. The fairy tale feel continues up a tower and through the apex.

Big sights, tall rails, claws beneath the fur and some very nasty customers, Patrick Lacey’s Dream Woods works a razor’s edge into an after school special. Sebastian’s coming folks and he ain’t no pimply teen under there.


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