Feature Interview with Marie Lanza

October 17, 2016


“Everything. Nothing around me is off limits. I had the best laugh at an email from a reader in the Midwest stating, I had clearly never been to Los Angeles or its neighborhoods and should do more research on the area before I write about it. It’s still my favorite because I was describing my own backyard - I live in Los Angeles. I printed that email and it’s hanging on my ‘inspiration board’,” said Marie Lanza.


Marie Lanza author of the apocalyptic Fractured ZOM-813 series. The second book of the series was released earlier this month from Severed Press.


“I wanted to write a chase story about survival. Something that would make the reader feel as though they were on the run with the characters.

“Both of the books in the Fractured series are equal parts about the situations that need escaping and the reactions of the characters to those situations. I tried to imagine how different varieties of people would respond to the collapse of society, and wrote my story to put those characters in the mix of utter chaos.

“The Other Side tells the story of the other half of a family who survived the original onslaught. After writing the original, I felt there were loose ends and I was sure that there was more story to tell! The characters in The Other Side, need to survive in the same world as the characters in the original, but they face different pitfalls and explore different possibilities,” said Lanza.


A note for readers, part two leans on part one of the series and it best to start at the beginning. The Fractured series isn’t the only series ongoing in the world of Marie Lanza.


“The Colony started out as a short story, following my lead character, Emma. The world has been overrun by the dead for some time and she's determined to find the rumored colonies of survivors. When I first wrote this, it was meant to just be a short story, but readers really loved Emma! So I've continued releasing pieces of her story one chapter at a time. Part 5 will be coming soon,” said Lanza.


Writing fiction is a natural state of being for Lanza.


“I’ve been storytelling for as long as I can remember and have always enjoyed the horror genre. I blame that on having an older brother who would always try to terrify me. Also, my parents, both coming from the creative industry, never really limited anything I watched or read. With that being said, when we were young, there was also hours of discussing make-believe vs. reality. 

“I grew up on R.L. Stine, so I guess it’s fair to say as a little girl, those were the books that captured me first. Fear Street, anyone? Then I graduated to Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, Stephen King, and Clive Barker, to name a few,” said Lanza.


Besides working with Severed Press –“ They’re a great group and I feel so lucky that they picked these books up,” said Lanza– and publishing The Colony series on her own, she hits the airwaves with her a show.


“My radio show is called, the DiRT, on iHeart Radio, Spreaker, and we have a membership website where our listeners get even more content. On the show, my partner and I discuss everything from movies, television, to politics, to life in general. It just depends on what's going on in the world,” said Lanza.


The show fits in as a piece to the larger spectrum of what Marie Lanza does to promote herself and her writing, “radio as a platform to promote my books.” This along with the usual suspects of social media allows Lanza get her messages across to any ears willing to receive. The links for where to find Lanza are listed below the interview.


Marie Lanza was reached via email and we thank her for her time.


Marie Lanza is an author, radio producer and personality. Marie became part of the Sirius XM network in 2004 and left the network in February 2013. She could be heard in a variety of roles on various channels; as a producer, Marie was part of some of the most unforgettable moments in radio, has booked breaking news interviews, created segments and brought topics that have become infamous among audiences.

Currently, Marie can be heard on her radio show, The DiRT, available on iHeart Radio, Spreaker, and other various outlets. In 2013, Marie began her ongoing e-series The Colony. In 2014, she released her novel Fractured: Outbreak ZOM-813, and in 2016 part 2, Fractured: The Other Side. This series was picked up by the publishing house, Severed Press. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband and daughter.

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