Review of The Night Cyclist by Stephen Graham Jones

October 10, 2016

I had high expectations for this little tale.
Like slipping into a warm bed on a cold night, visiting a new work by an author you know to be not only dependable, but to be dependably excellent. Stephen Graham Jones’ latest novelette, The Night Cyclist does what I’ve come to expect from this particular author and tickled my expectations once again.
Under the gloom of night, a man hits the trails. Cycling is the release, is his youth in a nutshell. Taking the quiet and utterly pedestrian world and sliding home a discreet dagger is not an easy task to do well. It is the false safety the everyday life advertises and in which good speculative authors snatch away or sour like a stage magician.
Mounting dread with every passing mile of trial, this story, though short as it is, delivers in a big way. Letting the atmosphere and the tone work their magic allows the background to connect all the dots of a man battling the realities of aging side-by-side with a vampyric avenue offered in a fantastically subtle fashion.
Absolutely worth a read.
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