Review of The Sadist's Bible by Nicole Cushing

October 3, 2016


In locales where the Biblical sense of God reigns and that sense carries along with it archaic notions about love and partnership, a relationship is brewing. Something forbidden. Something scandalous. Something loving and permanent.

Of course, one side has a secret.

This secret turns Heaven and Hell on their heads while revealing scenes that would make Clive Barker blush (ok, maybe not Mr. Barker). Men and woman aflame and God wielding a hungry… Let us not spoil it.

Stark prose carries the whip-snap quick scenario from suburban monotony to chaotic degeneration. Pain is the outlying theme. Shame of self and shame for others work lubricant skills to position seeming innocence in the path of rebirthed ruination. Nicole Cushing has written something unlike anything I’ve read before.

The Sadist’s Bible is nothing short of total Christian blasphemy, profound, full-scale, all-encompassing blasphemy, pure, filthy and fantastically morbid blasphemy that chars and oozes from tender orifices onto the page. The sex is so far removed from the norm that it hardly registers as the carnal act that put every human on the globe. The revolt of the morally compassed is an unravelling feast. God is a dynamic monster with a craving exceeding all prior written proportions.

Short and hectic, the story endears and the writing carries away. This is the kind of read to transform hours into minutes beyond recognition. Love it, hate it or succumb to a lingering absorption of challenged thoughts, The Sadist’s Bible is something different, something to behold, something remarkable and definitely of note. 


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