​Q&A with Greg Chapman 09/2016

September 13, 2016


Q: What is your most recently published work?


GC: Hollow House is my debut novel and was released in July. Published by Omnium Gatherum books, it tells the story of a strange abandoned house's effects upon all the other houses in a quiet street. Basically I drop a really messed up evil house on a whole bunch of normal everyday (albeit flawed) people and have a whole lot of fun doing it.


Q: When did you first begin writing fiction?


GC: From a very young age. I think I started drawing and writing my own comic books from about age 8.

Q: Who are the authors that influence your work most?


GC:Clive Barker, Edgar Allan Poe, King, with a dash of Ligotti.


Q: Which side lets you better express yourself, writing or illustrating?


GC: That's a tough one, because I really enjoy both, but if I had to choose it would be the writing. The writing generally pours out of me, while it usually takes me a while to come up with an art piece that I'm happy with.


Q:Do you have any stories you regret writing or releasing?


GC: I probably regret having my first two novellas published by the now defunct Damnation Books. Although personally I think the tales are good, I should have chosen a better publisher and not a book mill.


Q:Is there a subject or theme you haven’t written about, but would like to, if so, why?


GC: Cannibalism, because what's more messed up than anthropophagy? 


Q: What is your favorite scary book and why?


GC: A toss-up between The Exorcist and Salem's' Lot.  The Exorcist probably tips the scales because it feels so real. Satan dwells within its pages. >:P


Q: Kylie Minogue, AC/DC or Hilltop Hoods?


GC: None of the above. I'm more of the Nirvana or Foo Fighters type.


Q: Razorback, The Babadook, of The Last Wave?


GC: I know a lot of people have mixed views about The Babadook, but I loved the shit out of it.


Q: What are you reading now and is it any good?

GC: The Invasion by Brett McBean. It's a taut little home invasion thriller about a group of messed up youngsters who hijack the house of a nice middle aged family. I'm not that far into it, but I can tell that a whole lot of sadistic violence is right around the corner.

Q: What was the first scary movie that you saw and what about it scared you?


GC: Nightmare on Elm Street and The Poltergeist are the ones I remember. The scene where Freddy drags that chick across the ceiling while slashing her and in The Poltergeist, the scene where one of the paranormal investigators picks apart his own face. Need I say more?


Q: What is your B-horror guilty pleasure?


GC: Hellraiser!

Q: Are you binge watching anything right now, if so, what?


GC: I'm hooked on Penny Dreadful, even though I'm very late to the party.

Q: If there is a frozen apocalypse tomorrow, how do you think you’d fare?


GC: If you mean an apocalypse where the only thing on TV was the movie Frozen then I would have eaten a bullet already.

Q: What would your course action be if you found a human centipede under your bed?


GC: Join the conga line and ride it all the way to hell.


Q: If you could write a story with any author, living or dead, who and why?


GC: Refer to question 3 :) 


Q: What are you working on now?


GC: A novel length sequel to my 2011 novella The Noctuary.

Q&As are sent and answered via email.


Greg Chapman is a horror author and artist from Australia he’s had more than a dozen short stories published in magazines and anthologies in Australia, the US and the United Kingdom. He's published novellas, a collection and provided the art for the graphic novel Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times, written by Bram Stoker Award® winning authors Rocky Wood and Lisa Morton, published by McFarland & Company. He's also provided art for Midnight Echo Magazine and the Tom Piccirilli comic, Bullet Ballerina, published by SST Publications. His debut novel, Hollow House by Omnium Gatherum Media in July and more recently, Lycan Valley Press re-released an illustrated edition of his first novella Torment.



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