EP056 - Talking Writing With Somer Canon and a Reading by Jeremy Hepler

Somer Canon joins me to chat all she has going on, including the forthcoming eBook and paperback release of her novel The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek, as well as writing what you know and collaborating on books. To close out, Jeremy Hepler reads from his novel Cricket Hunters. Apple Stitcher Spotify #Podcast #Horror #crime #books

EP055 - Talking A Killing Fire With Faye Snowden

Faye Snowden joins me to chat her latest book, A Killing Fire, as well as setting up a crime story, the way characters come to her, race issues in publishing, reacting to reader opinions, and finding the right publisher. Apple Stitcher Spotify #Podcast #Horror #crime #books

EP054 - Talking Skinwrapper With Stephen Kozeniewski

Stephen Kozeniewski joins me to chat his latest release, Skinwrapper, a prequel to The Hematophages, crossing horror and science fiction, market trends, putting an original spin on tropes, and building worlds. Apple Stitcher Spotify #Podcast #Horror

EP053 - Talking The Raven's Tale With Cat Winters

Cat Winters joins me to chat her fantastical and clever new novel The Raven's Tale, as well as Poe's life, wading through the research, writing a historical novel, and speculating on what might've been in Edgar Allan Poe's life. Apple Stitcher Spotify #Podcast #Horror

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