EP012 - Talking The Progeny Series With Tosca Lee

Author Tosca Lee joins me to talk the Progeny series (The Progeny and Firstborn), influences, news on television adaptation, and her forthcoming novel, The Line Between. Listen on Soundcloud or iTunes. Review of The Progeny and Firstborn As someone who reviews books and subsequently speaks to the author about said books, it can become a bit of a hang-up whenever a book is part of a series. If it’s the first book, okay, simple, but if it’s the second or third or fourth or so on, things get tricky. I looked at Tosca Lee’s Progeny novels and leaned towards skipping the first of the pairing. Then I said fuck it and tackled them both, and to my benefit. There are about sixteen million characters

EP010 - Talking Creature With Hunter Shea

Author Hunter Shea joins me to chat his forthcoming novel, Creature, as well as success, consistency, expectations, and Flame Tree Press. Listen on Soundcloud or iTunes Review Hunter Shea does seem to enjoy penning thrill rides based in the creature feature sub-genre. Oddly enough, despite my assumptions going in, Creature doesn’t really fit in with the other books I’ve read by him where something big and mythical is the subject. Creature is wholly different. Firstly, it’s not an adventure horror. Those are fun reads, but can be pretty formulaic (not complaining, observing the observable). As a reader you take in from A to B while the author runs characters through a host of troubles. The ch

EP009 - Talking Cabin at the End of the World with Paul Tremblay

Author Paul Tremblay joins me to chat his latest book The Cabin at the End of the World, his journey into success, his stories in films in discussion, and his short fiction. Listen on Soundcloud or iTunes Review Listening to a story rather than reading with eyeballs usually has a bit of a negative effect, though not always. In the case of The Cabin at the End of the World, not only was the listen positive, I think it might be the right way to experience some more literary horror. For me anyhow. Aside from the lengthy measurement of word choice, heavy descriptions are typical of the literary tale and one of more predominant attributes that help classify a story as literary. The descriptions h

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