EP002 - Talking (12 Gauge) Songs From a Street Sweeper With Dustin LaValley

Dustin LaValley joins me via telephone to chat his most recent release (a collection of novellas), out July 1 from Sinister Grin Press, as well as corrections, strong women, and influences. iTunes Soundcloud Review: Spinner is the tale of three men indulging in various degrees of bad. You’ve got an obsessive type, you’ve got predator—both sexual and murderous—and then you have an opportunist who let’s no chances go to waste. This story is loud and violent, it’s bloody and draws on the cringe sense to raise the hackles. Which, by design, is an easy avenue of reaction. Authors use it because it works and readers like it because, although squirming, because it engages them. Spinner isn’t Dustin

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Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
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