Novelette, Novella, Novel, & Collection Submissions Opening Soon

Opening Early to Mid-12/17 Novelettes (10,000-17,000 words), novella (17,001-45,000 words), novels (45,001-250,000 words, open to series so long as first book is completed), and collections of short stories (15,000-45,000 words). This is for commercial horror, suspense, thriller, and crime primarily. At this time I’m not interested in anything too abstract or bizarre, weird is fine as long as there is suspense and a beginning, middle, and end. Think the hits by Stephen King, Ronald Malfi, Anne Rice, Shirley Jackson, Bentley Little, Peter Straub, Stephen Graham Jones, Lawrence Block, Megan Abbott, Gillian Flynn, Thomas Harris, you get the idea. Monsters, bad people, ghosts, witches, ominous e

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Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
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